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మన ఊరి వికాసం

కలిసి నడుద్దాం ..! కలిసి నడిపిద్దాం ..!

Manavurivikasam Bilaws


Name of the Society                            :           MANAVURI VIKASAM 


Address of the Society                      :           Flat No.403, Prashanthi Raam Towers


                                                                           Behind Sarathi Studios

                                                                              Yellareddyguda, Hyderabad 500 073.

Briefly about Manavuri Vikasam:  Manavuri Vikasam in Telugu language means “our village development”. Manavuri Vikasam is the brian child of Kattavaripalem Village Group, and has been formed to educate, improve and develop day to day lives of Village Residents in the region around Kondapi (mandal), Prakasam (District). Manavuri Vikasam is being driven by well educated people staying away from the region but being realized the dreams with the help of local residents.


The goals and objectives of Manavuri Vikasam:

  • To help uplift the day to day lives of villagers on a non partisan stand, independent of Race, Religion, Creed, Cast and or favoritism.
  • To promote Health Awareness among the villagers by sponsoring health camps.
  • To protect our great culture by promoting programs aimed at improving them.
  • To help, recognize and promote educational excellence by providing awards and materials.
  • To help farmers in acquiring the latest farming techniques by providing valuable information through subscription of magazines, seminars and pilot projects.
  • To improve awareness and help eradicate AIDS by providing free AIDS testing center, and the necessary information and materials.
  • To protect our environment by doing plantations around the village.
  • To carry on any other activities (other than those mentioned above) for the advancements of village residents.



Certified that the Bears are not paid from the Association


 “Certified that the Office Bearers signature are genuine”



 We, the several persons whose signatures are subscribed hereunder are de­sirous to form ourselves into an ASSOCIATION and responsible to run the affairs of the society called Manavuri Vikasam and getting it registered under A.P. SOCIETIES REGIS­TRATION ACT, 2001






Address of the Society                :                       MANVURI VIKASAM


                                                                              KONDAPI MANDAL

                                                                              PRAKASEM (Dt)

                                                                              Pin – 523270


Administrative Office                   :                       Flat No.403, Prashanthi Raam Towers


                                                                           Behind Sarathi Studios

                                                                                    Yellareddyguda, Hyderabad 500 073.


In the interpretation of these rules the following expressions shall have the following meaning

  1. The society shall mean the ‘Manavuri Vikasam’.
  2. ‘Governing Body’ Shall mean the body as subjected under these rules
  3. ‘The President’ shall mean the president of the society as referred to in these regulations.
  4. ‘The General Secretary’ shall mean the secretary of the society in these regu­lations.
  5. ‘Members’ shall mean the member who is admitted to the membership, – under these rules and regulations. And also the member is synonymously used for a group or an organization.
  6. ‘Executive member’ shall mean board members of the society as referred in the regulations.
  7. ‘Additional Member’ shall mean , the member who is admitted to the membership under the rules and regulations.

Membership Guidelines:

  1. Any individual or a group or an organization, who loves Indian Villages, can become a member by filling membership form and paying one time membership fee of Rs1,116/- for people staying in India , $50.00 (USA) for Non Resident Indians , Rs 5,116/- for a group and Rs10,116/- for an organization.
  2. Students and Unemployed individuals may join as additional members without paying any membership fees with the approval of governing body. However once they become employed or earning money, they are advised to pay the membership fee and regularise their membership.
  3. To sponsor a project through the society, an individual, group or an organization need to become a member first.
  4. The member who sponser the project can name the project after their loved ones upon approval by the Governing Body. The sponsor informs Governing Body on how the benefits should reach the residents, and the Governing Body helps to realize them. The sponsor can decide on how long the program can be sponsored but can not be withdrawn once the funds are provided to the Governing Body.
  5. All membership forms need to be addressed to the secretary of the society. And any member who intends to withdraw from the membership of the society shall give a clear notice of 30 days of his intention to the secretary of the society.
  1. The member who intends to withdraw shall be liable to pay all his dues. Any of the member shall not be entitled to refund the fee subscribed or donation- paid by him to the society.
  2. The Governing Body shall consider each application at its meeting and by vote of majority either to admit or reject the application.
  3. The membership shall be deemed to have ceased if any member.
    1. Dies or resigns or
    2. He is insolvent or declared as undercharged insolvent by the competent court of law or authority: or
    3. Of unsound mind; or
    4. Sentenced to imprisonment for any offense involving moral turpitude; and
    5. Expelled from the membership under the provisions of these rules and regulations
  4. The Governing Body reserves the right to expel any member for violations of the Rules and Regulations of the society or does any act which is detrimental and prejudicial to the interests, aims and objectives of the society for which it is formed.
  5. The liability of the member is limited to the amount of subscription fees and dues payable by them during the subsistence of the membership.

Governing Body Guidelines:

  1. The working and the management of the affairs of the society shall vest in the Governing Body consisting
  • President
  • Vice President
  • General Secretary
  • Joint Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Executive Members
  1. First term governing body will begin with predefined members. Next term on wards To become a Governing Body member, an individual should be served with society for at least 2 years. No new member will be chosen for this position.
  2. Governing Body selection or election will be held on every alternative year of September month. Governing Body should be chosen or elected by members based on their active involvement with the Society. It is advised not to have elections but if there is a controversy or more than one member wanted the same position then there will be an online poll or ballot poll or combination with option of not knowing who voted for whom.
  3. The term of office of the first Governing body members shall be for a period of two years from the elected/nominated date.
  4. The Governing Body shall meet at least once in every 3 months for transacting any business that may be awaiting their consideration.
  1. The Governing Body is required to send financial statement to all society members on a quarterly basis. It is advisable to send financial statement with in 30 days on completion of the project or on quarterly basis which ever is earlier or whenever there are major project sponsorship expenses incurred apart from regular expenses. However, there will not be a special letter sent to members to their home address but will be posted in and also will be sent to a common group e-mail account.
  2. Governing Body is required to maintain transparency with members on all possible accounts. It is the duty of the Governing Body to answer any member concerns.
  3. The member of the Governing Body shall be deemed to have vacated his office if any member
    1. Dies or resigns or
    2. is insolvent or declared as un discharged insolvent by the competent court of law or authority: or
    3. Of unsound mind; or
    4. Sentenced to imprisonment for any offense involving moral turpitude; and
    5. Expelled from the membership under the provisions of these rules and regulations.
  4. The proceeding of the Governing Body meeting shall be recorded in the minute’s book which shall be open for inspection to the other Governing Body members and Board Members on request. Minutes shall be kept in safe custody by the secretary of the society.
  5. The quorum for the Governing Body meeting shall be One-third of the members of the Governing Body. But the proceedings of the meeting shall be approved by the majority of the governing body.


  1. The Governing Body shall have powers:
  1. a) To affiliate any other associations for such purposes and with such powers and functions as the Governing Body determines from time to time.
  2. b) To open one or more accounts, with any bank or banks and authorize one or more office bearers of the Governing Body to operate the bank accounts.
  3. c) To determine from time to time, who shall be entitled to sign on the society’s behalf bills, Hundies, Promissory notes. Cheques, dividend warrants, receipts, acceptances, endorsements and negotiable instru¬ments. Contracts, leaves assignments surrenders and conveyances.
  4. d) To carry on the work of the society in conformity with the Memorandum and Rules and Regulations of the society.
  5. e) To accept or reject the application for membership.
  6. f) To remove or cancel the membership of such members whose pres¬ence is likely to be detrimental injurious and prejudicial to the interests of the society and also such members who do not pay subscriptions.
  7. g) To consider resignation from the members.
  8. h) To incur and pay all expenses necessary for carrying out the aims and objectives of the society.
  9. i) To call for General Body meeting and/or the extra, ordinary general body meeting.
  10. j) To take such steps, as they may be necessary or expedient for giving effect to the resolution passed by the Governing Body Meeting or by the Annual General Body Meeting.
  11. k) To draw up the budget every year.
  12. l) To institute and defend all such actions and suits as the Governing Body may deem necessary.
  13. m) To compromise and/or to submit to arbitration such actions and suits as the council may in its discretion deem fit.
  14. n) To constitute sub-committees and boards and frame rules for their efficient working and delegate any of the functions and powers of the ‘Governing Body’.
  15. o) To prepare reports and accounts.
  16. p) To send deputation to the Government or other authority in respect of such matter which is in furtherance in fulfillment of the aims and objectives of the society.
  17. q) To honor and present addresses to prominent persons in the field of education and public life.
  18. r) To establish contacts with any other similar institutions established already in India.
  19. s) To invest. if necessary the funds of the society in fixed deposit in any scheduled bank. Post office. in any securities or investments or in any other manlier as the Governing Body may deem fit.
  20. t) To purchase or otherwise acquire for the society any property either movable or immovable at such price and on such terms and conditions as they may think fit.
  21. u) The Governing Body shall have power to raise loans, advances, overdrafts, etc. from banks or from any other source with or without the securities and to pay interest charges etc., on such loans ad¬vances and overdrafts etc.
  22. v) To accept donations in cash or kind and to raise funds by advertise¬ments in publications of the society, by arranging charity shows, by accepting fees and subscriptions and other methods.
  23. w) To give loans, scholarships, prizes and assistance in cash or kind to students to help them in their studies and to any institution having objectives similar to the society.
  24. x) To work in co-ordination with any other society or institution having similar aims and objectives, aid, assist and undertake any of its activity entrusted or delegated by it for effectively carrying out their objectives or any part or parts of their objectives.


Duties and functions of the President

  1. The President shall:
  1. Preside over all the meetings of the Governing Body, and in the absence, nominate any member to preside over meetings and in exercise all or any of the powers delegated to him and attached to his office, and during the absence of any office bearer for any reason whatsoever, the president may nominate any member to officiate and act in the capacity of such office bearers.
  2. Generally to supervise and manage the administration of the society and any of its institutions and undertakings.
  3. To set goals and provide a vision for the society and also respect former presidents vision during his or her tenure.
  4. To nominate a member to be the chairman of any committee or sub­committee which the Governing Body may elect, form or constitute.
  5. Spend at his discretion any amount within the limits specified by the Governing Body.
  6. To appoint, remove or suspend such employees officers, clerks, agents, servants whether temporary permanent, or special, and to determine, limit and define their powers and duties and fix their salaries and emoluments on such terms and conditions in consultation and with the approval of the Governing Body.

Duties and functions of the Vice President

  1. The Vice President shall:
  1. The Vice President shall have all the powers and duties of the president in the absence of the president.
  2. The Vice President performs all such responsibilities of President upon President’s Request.


Duties and functions of the Secretary

  1. The Secretary shall:
    1. The secretary shall be the chief executive officer of the society.
    2. He or she shall act as the secretary of every committee, subcommittee, unless and otherwise specified by Governing Body  
    3. He or she shall be responsible to conduct the business of the society in accor­dance with the directions of the General Body and the Governing Body.
    4. He or she shall keep the minutes of the proceedings of the Governing Body and General Body Meetings.
    5. He or she shall give notice of all General Meetings.
    6. He or she shall duly notify the members of the election.
    7. He or she shall institute and/or defend suits and other proceedings in which the society may be concerned as directed by the Governing Body.
    8. He or she shall have the power to incur any expenditure not exceeding the limits specified by the Governing Body from time to time. In case of emergency he can spend monies without any limit for which he shall obtain sanction of the Governing Body at its next meeting.
    9. He or she shall maintain the register of members
    10. He or she shall perform all such duties as are incidental to his office.


Duties and functions of the Joint Secretary

  1. The Joint Secretary shall:
  1. The Joint Secretary shall have all the powers and duties of the Secretary in the absence of the Secretary.
  2. The Joint Secretary performs all such responsibilities of Secretary upon Secretary’s Request.

Duties and functions of the Treasurer

  1. The Treasurer shall:
  2. He or she shall keep and supervise all accounts and funds of the society.
  3. The president and secretary will work closely with treasurer during budgeting or any other money related matters.
  4. The treasurer proposes budgets and make sure that society is in good financial health.
  5. Treasurer shall coordinate with Governing Body on cutting financial expenses to keep budget under control.
  6. The treasurer shall take in his possession and control and take care of properties, furniture and documents belonging to the society.
  7. He or she shall sign all correspondence and maintain relevant vouchers, if necessary, with the help of employees and paid assistants.
  8. The Treasurer shall keep or cause to be kept proper books of accounts. He or she shall send financial report with detailed expenses and balance to all members on a quarterly basis, and on a monthly basis to Governing Body.
  9. He or she shall get the accounts of the society audited by an auditor who may be appointed by the General Body.
  10. He or she shall demand, receive and disburse all monies of the society and shall be responsible for the correct and actual daily cash balance of the society.
  11. He or she shall collect all dues on behalf of the society and issue receipts for the monies received.

The General Body Meetings

  1. The annual general body meeting shall be convened and held once in every year within 6 months of the closing of the financial year to transact the following business by majority vote.
  2. To pass the budget for the ensuing year and approve balance sheet and income and expenditure statement of the previous year.
  3. To approve the report and activities of the society.
  4. To appoint the auditors of the society.
  5. To elect the Governing Body.
  6. To consider any other business with due notice and permission of the chair.
  7. Notice of the General Body meeting shall be sent at least 7 days before the date of the meeting and shall be accompanied by the agenda, copies of the accounts, copy of the auditor’s report, copy of the report of the Governing Body and list of vacancies that are to be filled up the election.
  1. A Special General Body Meeting may be called or convened by the Governing Body or the president wherever they may think fit or on receipt of a written requisition from such members who are not less than one half of the total number of members who are entitled to vote specifying the purpose for which the Extra Ordinary General Meeting is convened within 15 days after the receipt of such requisition.
  2. The notice of the Special General Body Meeting shall be sent at least 7 days before the date of the meeting.
  3. The quorum of the Annual or the Special General meeting shall be one third of the members on the Register of member of the society or 7 members whichever is less. Where such quorum is not present within 30 minutes of the Scheduled time of the meeting the meeting shall be ad­journed to the same day and at same time ‘in the next meeting week. The requirement of the specified quorum is not applicable for an adjourned meeting.



  1. 37. Every member of the society has right to vote on resolutions which are put to voting either in the Annual General Body Meeting or in the Special General Body Meeting. The member entitled to vote can appoint any proxy and is eligible for one single vote every time. Additional members shall not have any voting rights and are eligible to act as a proxy for other members who are entitled to vote.


  1. 38. The society may deal with the funds in the manner prescribed by the Governing Body from time to time in Furtherance of the objectives.



  1. 39. The accounts of the society shall be closed every year ending on the 31 st March.
  2. The accounts of the society shall be audited by a Chartered Accountant appointed by the General Body Meeting. The first auditors shall be appointed by the Governing Body.



  1. 41. No amendments, or alteration shall be made in purpose of the association unless with the prior permission of commissioner of Income Tax A.P. and it is voted by 2/3rd of members present at special meeting convened for the purpose and confirmed by 2/3rd of the meeting of the’ members ,present at a second special meeting.


  1. 42. The Governing Body, the officials of society shall be indemnified out of the funds of the society for and against all suits, proceedings, costs, charges, losses, damages and expenses which all of them or any of them shall or may incur or sustain by reason of any act done or omitted to be done in or about the execution of their duties in respective offices of trust except when they incur or sustain by or through their own willful neglect or defaults.


  1. In case the society had to be stopped for some reason, the property and funds of the society shall be transferred or paid to some other institution with similar aims and objectives and is registered under 12 A of the Income Tax Act, and is also having approval for 80G exemption granted by the Commissioner of Income Tax entitled that the above are the correct copy of the rules and regulations of the society.







I, _______P Mohanrao_____________ S/o __Venkaiah___________________________

Resident of Flat No.403, Prashanthi Raam Towers, Behind Sarathi Studios, Yellareddyguda, Hyderabad 500 073 do hereby solemnly affirm and confirm with good state of mind and do hereby declare on oath as follows:

          The said Society is located in my house bearing No. H.No.8-3-319/8&319/8/A,

Hyderabad (Village/ Town / Mandal/ Municipality / Municipal Corporation of Rangareddy


          I have no objection to establish the said Society in my own house for which I did not collect any rent from the Society.

          It was declared on oath with free will and consent without correction or hesitation

with good state of mind on this the ______10’th ____day of _October, 2006__        in the

presence of the following witnesses and signed before the Notary public who attested by signature.



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