Kattavaripalem village is located about a mile south to Kondapi which is the headquarters of Kondapi mandal, Prakasam District. Kattavaripalem is about 40 kilometers from Ongole (major town)and 20 kilometers from Tangutur, both of these towns are connected through national highway. Kattavaripalem is west of Tangutur which is a moderate town.

Kattavaripalem is known for its cultural and political leadership in the region. During festivals, Kattavaripalem residents always stay in forefront for activities like Prabhas, Dramas, Bhajanas, kollanna, Dance and etc. Kattavaripalem produced great leaders like Sri Late Ravella Venkaiah Garu.

The major income to the village comes from farming, construction and livestock.Apart from the conventional farming like Rice, Bengal gram, lemon, sweet lemon, mirchi and etc., villagers grow commercial crops like Tobacco and Paddy. Kattavaripalem has a very good footprint in construction activities; many villagers form a team and head to major cities like Hyderabad and Bangalore, and construct great buildings. Each team has about 15 workers and is led by a mestri (team leader). Apart from these two professions, many families depend on livestock like goats, chickens, and sheep. The village has very good literacy rate, and is a model for many surrounding villages. Some of the income to the village also comes through family members living and working in abroad, and big cities.

Kattavaripalem residents are also known for their courageousness, and arrogance. Residents are divided between party lines in normal circumstances but quickly get united when it comes to disasters like fires, floods and other issues which matter to the village.

The word Kattavaripalem is not only a village name but means a lot to us. This is the place we were born and brought up, and spent entire childhood dreaming about our future. Most of us had fulfilled our dreams by and far, and is the time to do the service to our mother divine. As far as we know, we were brought up with the best culture in the world, and have to make sure to pass on to the current generation.

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