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మన ఊరి విధ్యా వికాసం

కలిసి నేర్చుకుందాం.! కలిసి నేర్పుదాం.!

Project Ideas


Venkat we thought about teaching reading/ writing for our elders who can not read/write. If we have enough people at our village then it is good project..

I assume the donation amount is $30 per month, the below things can be achieved. Over a period of 5 years, if this donation is consistent it will become big.

1. Use the money to buy some Vivekananda or other motivational books (Feb Donation)

2. Use the money to buy some pencils,pens,empty books for the poor kids ) studying in Govt School (March and April)

3. Use the Money to buy School Dresses for Kids Studying in Government Schools (May ,June ,July Donation)

4. Use the money to buy Volley ball, ring ball (July, August Donation)

5. Use the money to buy Carom board, chess games (Sep, October Donations)

6. Use the money to send a poor family of 2 old people for trip (Nov, December Donations)

7. Use the Money for watering the plants (Jan Donation)

1.Have a conversation with elementary school teacher/Head master in our village/kondapi and take inputs. Gather list of needs and check feasibility of those projects and prioritize it.

2.Scholarship to merit students.

3.Motivational books.

4.School supplies to kids(not affordable/poor kids)

5.Literacy program to Elders at our village.

6.Encourage creativity/Art and provide supplies to students.

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